Black Diamond Jewelries Are Intense and Mysterious

Black might be considered as dark but it is one of the most mysterious, intense and suave colors in the world of fashion and jewelry. The color draws everybody towards it with its mysterious charm and same is applicable to black diamonds. They add a decadent and dramatic touch to any piece of jewelry. These are usually paired with white, yellow gold or platinum to bring out the contrast in colors. Jewelry lovers find this particular gem to be extremely attractive and versatile too.

It forms a lovely combination with other colorful gemstones. The jewelry item becomes one of a kind and tantalizing. The precious gemstone in dark color has been used in several ornaments with architectural designs combined with sensual curves. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black diamond ring for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar to add dynamism to her photo shoot. That ring made a strong fashion statement and since then the precious gemstone has made it to the jewelry box of various celebs who like to experiment with their wardrobe.

In an excellent example of fusion cuff, the gemstone has been combined with rhodium to bring out the monochromatic chic appearance. The black diamond jewelry plays with the sharpness of rhodium and smoothness of diamond to bring out the edgy side of personality. It is an extremely versatile item as it goes well with the leather jacket, ball gown and also with a pair of battered jeans. An edgy and avant-garde designer ring could be the missing piece in your jewelry box modifying the classic black and white diamond stones combination.

If you wish to possess an entirely black diamond suite, the Turkish jewelry designers have crafted a necklace and earrings suite for you. A constellation in the form of necklace gently trickling down the neck completed with a pair of earrings representing an entire galaxy is a marvel to die for. Gothic designs use dark and mysterious colors. A solitaire engagement ring with a staggering 7 carat pear-shaped black diamond center stone makes the perfect ornament for a Gothic follower.

Want to know a fascinating aspect of the black diamond? These are found in river beds and not in mines. Brazil and the Central African Republic produces the majority of these stones. Moreover, in Italy, this gemstone is recommended to couples on the verge of divorce to save their relationship. Really special and attractive, these gemstones have become the apple of the fashionista’s eye.

Jewelry Designers, Make Your Profits

Just because there is a financial crisis you do not have to be a part of it. True, there is an economic turndown, but you as an entrepreneur can turn that around. Do not wait until you find yourself paddling a sinking boat; get ahead of it. Be in control of your own destiny. Jewelry designer make your profits!

If you think about it, even when you have a so called ‘good’ job or a ‘good’ career, it is only as secure as you make it. After all is said and done, it is you who makes your income secure not anyone else.

So when times get difficult, we entrepreneurs put on our creative caps and get our hands dirty with innovative ideas. Making jewelry allows your mind to be very creative. You may even create your own line of designer jewelry. You are the jewelry designer; make your profits.

If you have yet to give it a thought, consider becoming a fashion jewelry designer. See yourself making jewelry for infants, children, men and women, Visualize your line of jewelry on display at an uptown boutique catering to celebrities. This may seem like very wishful thinking, however, it can be done and it is being done today.

Jewelry can be made in the comfort of your own home. Shopping for jewelry supplies can be done online. Selling jewelry with your webpage over the Internet is being done worldly. Can you imagine seeing your personal creations being seen and sold around the world?

There are other outlets to sell your jewelry:

  • First are your friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers.
  • Submit your work at arts and crafts shows.
  • Flea markets, swap meets, jewelry home parties.
  • Consider art and jewelry galleries, department stores, fashion and jewelry boutiques, and specialty shops, e.g. wedding apparel.
  • The big one – show your work to celebrities, sports figures, and other famous people.

I have a friend who likes to work with gold and silver jewelry. She wears what she makes and goes on about her social business and by the end of the day she has made a sale selling the jewelry piece she was wearing or making a jewelry request from a potential customer who saw her work.

Another friend of mine also wears her handmade jewelry and when people comment on it she tells them of when she will be having a personal showing of her jewelry line at a particular antique shop in town. and review The A-Z Steps to Becoming a Jewelry Designer by Kameron Kay.

Bamboopink Review – Are Bamboopink Jewelry Parties Effective?

Bamboopink Jewelry – The Beginnings

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Bamboopink was started by two women highly experienced in the jewelry industry, Judy Steele and Francis Gadbois.

Unlike most jewelry MLM opportunities, Bamboopink strives to provide associates with high-tech options for effective selling, like virtual trunk shows and mobile apps. But like many jewelry sales programs, associates are encouraged to sell through jewelry parties, a common technique for sharing wares with friends and neighbors.

Bamboopink items are only available through distributors, so associates don’t compete with boutiques or department stores. All designs are works by jewelry designer ‘JudeFrances,’ with the first line to be launched soon.

The Big Question – Are Sales Parties Effective?

With jewelry investments starting at $29 and distribution limited to associates only, it seems that Bamboopink might be a good fit for those passionate about fashion and jewels. But the bigger question is how to use Bamboopink’s program and technologies to create a sustainable, long-term, and profitable business.

Jewelry parties have been a network marketing strategy for decades. Salesmen and women host events in the homes of neighbors and friends, creating an enjoyable environment for socializing and purchasing.

While this can be a great way to meet people create goodwill for the brand, there are issues with face-to-face marketing in relation to growth and profitability.

Bamboopink outlines their strategies for friends-and-family marketing, but these tactics are somewhat outdated. With a world of jewelry-lovers at your fingertips via the internet, it’s important to go beyond your circle of acquaintances and go viral with your marketing.

What if, instead of reaching 50 people, you could reach 50,000? With the right tools and business skill-set, it’s entirely possible to target the right market and get a broad reach into the thousands.

Gaining the Right Tools for Fast Growth

Bamboopink’s program could be a great opportunity when the right sales techniques are applied. The good news is that anyone can learn to use these tools and have a wide impact on the internet. It’s all a matter of applying the right techniques, and abandoning the wrong ones.

Creating a unique space online is one of the most important factors, especially with programs like Bamboopink. Associates are able to share photos, create informative blog posts, and share upcoming news with potential investors. There are thousands of people looking to work from home, and also share their love of fashion and jewelry. It simply requires attracting these investors to your business, drawing them in with a unique and credible pitch, and watching your growth.

Bamboopink may be a good fit for those with a passion for fashion jewelry, and the willingness to learn about business-building and successful network marketing first.

What Makes Fork Jewelry So Appealing?

The common fork, that lovely utensil that makes feeding ourselves easy, has a surprisingly long but interesting history. Preceded by stick and skewer to cook over an open fire, early forks were believed to be used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Evidence points to early fork use for ritual services and cooking. Most forks at this time had two tines only. A brief historical look at the evolution of the fork may help provide us with an understanding of why fork jewelry is so appealing today.

It’s thought that forks were used for eating in the Middle East since around the seventh century. Oddly enough, it apparently took another 5 centuries for the common fork to be widely used in 16th Century Italy. Forks are also thought to have been used in France, England and Germany during the 16th and 17th centuries by the wealthy who viewed fork use as a novelty fad.

It wasn’t until the nineteenth century that forks were universally used in the West however. The forks we know today, the four tined kind, began being regularly used for mealtime eating first in England and Germany before finding their place on tables in the US.

Early on in history, there’s evidence that forks were elaborately decorated which likely speaks to the attraction for jewelry making as well as fork jewelry’s popularity today. As commonplace, everyday items, utensils, like dinnerware, presented small spaces for readily applying intricate decoration. Indeed this fascination with fork decoration produced not only a large variety of uniquely fashioned cutlery, but a new generation of fork and spoon collectors as well.

It’s not clear when making jewelry from forks entered the scene although in recent history, fork jewelry gained significant momentum in the 1970′s. Likely inspired by the hippie generation and the surge of re-cycling sub-themes, original fork jewelry tended to look, well, a lot like forks. That was OK though. The often tiny but delicate and intricate designs on the forks continued to fascinate when transformed into jewelry.

Fashion and jewelry trends change and so fork jewelry went out of fashion along with all the hippies. Now and in the past few years we’ve seen a re-surgence of 1970′s fashion (again?) and along with that, the reappearance of jewelry made out of utensils. Although this jewelry is different now. How? It’s considerably more sophisticated and in a lot of cases, hard to distinguish its eaterly origins.

I first noticed the reappearance of fork jewelry while walking art fairs a year or so ago. The jewelry lines were very distinctive and unusual which is what originally drew my attention. It was only through direct and close up examination that I finally realized the jewelry was made from forks and spoons. Gorgeous stuff. This new utensil jewelry included stones which elevated this type of jewelry from its 1970′s predecessor. Wow. Fork tines were sinuously wrapped around beautiful stones and forks were twisted into the most subtle and appealing shapes.

Discovering all of this made me realize just exactly why utensils are so appealing to art jewelers: they’re simple to turn into magnificent jewelry because the decoration and embellishment is already done. All one needs to do is either cut off sections of the handle for rings, etc. or bend the entire fork into a clever shape. Being able to seamlessly add wonderful stones only makes this better.

The beauty of a well-designed and embellished utensil can provide considerable creative inspiration as well. Add to all that the fact that one can enjoy shopping and hunting for vintage, unique and/or contemporary forks and well, the appeal just expands. Given the rising price of sterling today, the opportunity to hunt for and find sterling forks to make jewelry from is just plain delicious.